Out with the old in with the new.

While I previously laid claim to possessing patience what I failed to mention was a more sinister trait, equally prevalent, which surfaced this week…ruthlessness.

After many years of loyalty,dedication,servitude,love and affection I have ashamedly ditched my older model in favour of one that is younger and far more exotic. There was no thought or consultation. She had to go.

Allow me to introduce Viking. Viking 545VM. You may, like me, concur from the photographs that she is certainly a looker with perhaps a hint of mystery and danger. Her name even conjures up images both frightening and exciting. She is not called Melody or Pinky Pop or Rainbow or Twinkle Toes. No. VIKING! Phwoooaargh!







2 thoughts on “Out with the old in with the new.

  1. Phwooaargh, indeed. Look at the curves on that! In all seriousness, that is the most attractive petrol mower I’ve seen. Let us know how she handles…

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