Lawnmower Man

A few weeks ago I wrote passionately about my new lawnmower. The Viking 545VM, the beast, the temptress, the mother of all mowers. Well, this week I have put her to the test as I started my contract looking after the grounds of seven churches. The joy of starting her with one pull of the cord as opposed to several pulls and a mouthfull of smoke from my older model was something to behold. She snarled and purred her way through vast areas of lawn pulling me along  and only stopped when her tank ran dry…which, incidentally, was infrequent…a cheap date!

Of course by the end of the week the novelty had worn off. Now I just walk behind a lawnmower for hour upon hour thinking about what to cook for dinner or how to translate “How beneficial is walking for you” into French.While I may no longer stand back and wax lyrical about her looks and her abilities I will conclude ( and say no more on the subject ) that she is truly a workhorse.



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