Mediterranean, here I come!

While talk this year once more revolves around the topic of the British summer…will it, won’t it…I have decided on an approach less meteorological and more practical. As John Cleese famously said, “It’s not the despair, it’s the hope”.

Aromas and fragrances have the ability to evoke an instantaneous response but also the capacity to conjure memories. Regardless of the weather there is one plant for me that is particularly evocative… Lavender. One whiff and I am transported back many moons to the island of Corfu. So, how can I capture this Mediterranean world and place it in my back garden in England? The answer is twofold and remarkably simple.

I recently bought an old wooden greenhouse in need of much renovation and have spent the past few weeks holed up in the garage on an evening sanding, sawing, scraping and painting. I aim to have it finished soon and will certainly post a few before and after pictures on this site. As part of a subscription offer to Gardener’s World magazine I sent off for 48 free Lavender plants which arrived this week in small plug trays. They may only be 5cm tall but already pack a fragrant punch. The heat trap that is the greenhouse and the scent of the plants…voila!…La Med!!

Lavender Plugs

Lavender Potted


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