Greenhouse…or is that creamhouse?

Woohoo! The greenhouse is finished. I say finished ( and the photos below will appear to endorse that statement ) but the reality is that I still have a pane of glass to replace and a few hidden panels to paint. Often with these big projects the initial excitement and enthusiasm are eventually eclipsed by the desire to finish and move on to the next thing. Naturally, most unlike the gardening projects I undertake 🙂

The aspect of the greenhouse was easily decided, the resulting colour less so, however, the purpose and function is proving to be quite taxing. I initially envisaged a space filled with vegetables and exotic plants but have since been persuaded by my wife to give over some room for a small bench. That bench has now extended to include a couple of chairs and perhaps a small table…a sort of summer house. Not a greenhouse at all then?

I’m sure a compromise will be had and I look forward to sitting on our bench with my feet on the table, flanked by the giant leaves of some rare banana plant!








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