My name is Marc Thannhauser. I have lived in the UK for the past 27 years but I’m originally from Cape Town, a place which still frequently draws me back to visit friends and family… and to top up the accent.

I started Beech Garden Services in 2012. Disillusionment with the corporate office world I was in and contentment offered by voluntary work within the National Trust, in particular Stowe Landscape Gardens, prompted the career change.

The business began, and still operates within, garden maintenance but has expanded into a concept which I have termed “Impact Gardening.” A separate web page has been allocated to explaining this concept. I work primarily within Milton Keynes but have completed projects further afield when warranted.

My business sustains a thriving culture based on the CORE VALUES brought to every job.

  • Professional

  • Punctual and communicative

  • Integrity

  • Courteous and respectful

  • Diligent

  • Disciplined

  • Perseverance

  • Reliability