Impact Garden

I really like the simplicity and scale of these raised beds/planters. Being bespoke they can be constructed to fit as required and here they are utilised as a living barrier between the road and the walkway.

I have a project in the pipeline which would use a similar concept to create a staggered divide in a garden and also serve to hide a storage area. I may add a trellis to one of the planters for some extra height.

These could also be used as a surround for a patio providing contrast, height and plants. Also serves as a wind breaker.

The length, width and height can be adjusted and mixed to provide variation. They can also be used to replace troublesome borders…the ones that constantly weed over and the clay is too hard to work :-)

They are handy for, shall I say, the less agile amongst us, as the height would allow for easier plant maintenance.

Always up for further ideas on how to utilise planters (Pintrest is useful but not complete) so feel free to comment on ideas of your own.

Raised bed 1.jpeg
Raised bed 2.jpeg